Turmeric TMPMU = 1C + 1/3W 


Prospectus 10/16/20

Trust = $10.00. $85,000,000 or $97,750,000 if the underwriters’ over-allotment option is exercised in full ($10.00 per unit) will be placed in U.S. trust account at J.P. Morgan with Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company as trustee.

Term 24 months. Closed on 10/20/20.


Our sponsor is an affiliate of MPM, a life sciences investment firm with over $2.3 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2020. MPM was co-founded by Luke Evnin, Ph.D. and Ansbert Gadicke, M.D., and launched its first venture capital fund in 1997. Since inception, MPM has focused its investment activity exclusively in the biotechnologyindustry with a strategy of funding and building private development stage companies developing new medicines addressing areas of significant unmet medical need. MPM’s strategy of identifying assets and utilizing its differentiated capabilities to efficiently drive drug development through in-human POC studies has fortified MPM’s track record of creating industry-leading companies that have yielded 52 commercial products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). To place this achievement into context, the entire combined efforts of the pharmaceutical industry has yielded an average of 38 new drug approvals per year in the U.S. for the past five years.

MPM has earned its reputation as a leading venture capital investor with industry entrepreneurs and academics due to its investment expertise, value-additive capabilities and the high level of engagement of the team. In particular, MPM has differentiated itself among other venture firms in the founding and building of

While we may pursue an initial business combination opportunity in any industry or geographical location, we intend to capitalize on the ability of our management team to identify promising opportunities in the biotechnology sector, with an emphasis on oncology and rare disease therapeutics where our management has extensive experience in investing, operating and drug development.

Since 2010, MPM has created and launched 30 companies relying in significant measure on the active engagement of its deep bench of Executive Partners. The expertise of the MPM team of investment professional and Executive Partners spans all stages of the industry value chain, including research and development, clinical, regulatory, business development and operations, intellectual property, and commercialization.

Our management team is led by Luke Evnin (Ph.D.), Todd Foley (M.B.A), Ed Hurwitz (J.D., M.B.A), each Managing Directors at MPM, and Vin Bhaskar (Ph.D.), Partner at MPM. Together, the management team has more than half a century of investment insight across the biotech sector and possesses deep expertise and experience in structuring investment, building companies and developing technologies and products.

Turmeric Acquisition Corp. was formed to leverage the extensive experience and track record of the management team with the goal of financing a company that can both develop transformative therapies for patients in need and deliver significant returns to its investors.