Executive ENPCU = 1C + 1/4 W


Prospectus 9/17/20

1 Warrant + $28.75 

Priced at $25.00. - $25 in trust.

24 months (or 27 months if we have executed a letter of intent, agreement in principle or definitive agreement for our partnering transaction within 24 months

14,400,000 CAPSTM (Capital which Aligns and Partners with a Sponsor) at 25.

Closed  September 18, 2020,

Trust  $25.00 -  $414,000,000. w/overalot. 

Underwriter - Evercore 

Executive Network Partnering Corporation (“ENPC”) was formed as a partnership among Paul Ryan, our Chairman, who has served as the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Solamere Capital, a private equity firm anchored by its network of leading business executives, including former chief executive officers of S&P 500 companies (the “Solamere Network”), and Alex Dunn, who has served in various senior operating roles at several businesses where he helped grow shareholder value, most recently as President of Vivint SmartHome (NYSE: VVNT).

ENPC has several distinct competitive advantages that we believe position us well to find an attractive partnering candidate and to drive value once that partnership is consummated. Paul Ryan will leverage his deep network of relationships at the most senior levels of business in helping identify an initial partner candidate but also in helping drive transaction value post closing. Solamere will leverage its 12-year history of sourcing proprietary transactions from both its strong network of current and former CEOs as well as from its deep relationship with many leading private equity managers. Solamere has raised and invested multiple private equity funds built around its core competence of leveraging its extensive network to source, evaluate, and add value to partnering candidates. Alex Dunn, who has known and worked alongside the three founders of Solamere Capital for several decades, adds a wealth of operational acumen, having been President & COO for a multi-billion dollar enterprise and having helped take
Vivint public through a merger with Mosaic Acquisition Corp.

We also anticipate that the CAPSTM structure will provide excellent economic alignment with, and hence appeal to, the existing ownership and management teams of potential partnering candidates. The nature of the structure is driven by long-term value creation rather than simply closing a merger transaction. The sponsors of ENPC will derive a majority of their economics only if the sponsor can drive long-term and sustainable share price appreciation as opposed to typical special purpose acquisition companies where most of the sponsor economics (i) are derived upon deal consummation and for simply closing a transaction or (ii) are restructured at the time of merger with price thresholds which may not be reflective of actual long-term sustainable value creation.