Greenvision - GRNVU = 1C, 1R , 1 Whole warrant

Edgar Filings

Prospectus 11/20/19


Accountable Healthcare merger terminated by Greenvision Nov 24. GreenVision has previously extended its time to complete a business combination to February 21, 2021.

Added money to trust payed by Accountable Healthcare!?

Can extend further to May.

5 million units.

1W +$11.50. Call 18.

​Trust $10.00 + interest.

Ipo Trust $57,500,000.  -----    5,750,000 Trust shares. 

 12 months - extendable to 18,  each three months   deposit into the trust account $500,000, or $575,000 if the underwriters’ over-allotment option is exercised in full.

focus - North America, Europe and Asia (excluding China) in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

I-Bankers Securities Inc. - B Riley.

Our management team is led by Zhigeng (David) Fu, Qi (Karl) Ye, He (Herbert) Yu, and Jonathan Intrater; each has distinctive and complementary backgrounds and extensive networks in the life science and healthcare industries, as well as other various industries in China, and other regions of Asia, Europe and North America which we believe can provide a rich selection of potential targets. We intend to focus on targeting middle market entities with a valuation range in the $100 million to $300 million range.

 David Fu, our Chief Executive Officer, is an Of Counsel of Global Law Office, Shanghai, China. Mr. Fu has more than 25 years legal experience in foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment and restructuring of foreign-invested enterprises in China as well as outbound acquisitions and overseas securities offerings and listings by Chinese companies.

Qi (Karl) Ye is a veteran investment manager in Shanghai, China. He has more than 13 years of broad experience in the financial industry, specializing in capital markets, mutual fund investment, private equity and venture capital investment, and has managed over $5 billion in assets under management.

Professor Herbert Yu, one of the members of our Board of Directors has been director of The Cancer Epidemiology Program University of Hawaii Cancer Center since March 5, 2012. Professor He served as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor at the School of Medicine at Yale University and has over 20 years involvement in leading edge cancer research including the areas of carcinogenic factors and molecular epidemiology.

Mr. Intrater, another member of our Board, is a Managing Director in the investment banking department at United States’ based Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co., Inc. and has extensive experience in merger advisory transactions