Thunder Bridge - TBRGU = 1C + 1W

Target Repay - Payment tech

​Warrant - 1W + $11.50 > 1 C. Call 18. Can call cashless.

Public shares 25.8m. 

Trust = $10.10 at IPO. ------ $10.15 1/21/19 ??

Expiration 18 months. 

Focus - Fintech.

Contingent Forward Purchase agreement see below.

​Gary A. Simanson, our President and Chief Executive Officer - First Capital Group

PreProxy Link  2/12/19

1/21/19 Merger announcement Link

Repay merger CC Transcript  Link.  

Merger Agreement

1/21 As of the date of this Agreement, Parent has at least $261,860,188 in the Trust Account


We currently intend to concentrate our efforts in identifying businesses in the financial services industry, including asset and wealth management, lending and leasing, and businesses providing financial technological services to, or operating in, the financial services industry.

We will place a particular emphasis on businesses that provide data processing, storage and transmission services, data bases and payment processing services, fraud detection, data analysis or verification, client or customer interface, or have adopted operations in the financial services industry that are more technologically driven than the operational platforms of the legacy operators (collectively “FinTech”).

2/19 Forward Purchase   both the Company and Monroe agreed that Monroe will not purchase any Units under the Contingent Forward Purchase Contract, dated April 19, 2018.”

Monroe Capital, LLC, a member of our sponsor, has agreed to enter into a contingent forward purchase contract with us to purchase, in a private placement to occur concurrently with the consummation of our initial business combination, 5,000,000 of our units at $10.00 per unit, for aggregate gross proceeds of $50,000,000, on substantially the same terms as the sale of units in this offering.