Warrant - 1 + $11.50 > 1C. Call 18.

​Trust = $10.00. $230.0 w/over-allotment  J.P. Morgan, with Continental trustee.

Term 18 months.

Focus - Technology - companies with valuations between $500 million and $1 billion. 

ChaSerg Technology Sponsor LLC, and Cantor Fitzgerald

Lloyd Carney, our Chief Executive Officer, has spent more than 25 years in the technology industry. He started at Wellfleet and Nortel Networks where he rose to become division president. He joined Juniper Networks as Chief Operating Officer where he oversaw the engineering, product management and manufacturing divisions. Thereafter he was named Chief Executive Officer of Micromuse, an enterprise and telecom network management company. Mr. Carney led the sale of Micromuse to IBM for $865 million, nearly doubling stockholder value from his start date. Mr. Carney stayed at IBM for a year to ensure a smooth transition. He then became the Chief Executive Officer of Xsigo Systems, a data center networking company, which was sold to Oracle within three years. Mr. Carney then accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer of Brocade Communications Systems in 2013, which was sold to Broadcom for $5.5 billion in late 2017. Mr. Carney is currently a member of the board and audit committee of Visa, a leading credit card company.

Eric Benhamou, our President and Chief Financial Officer, co-founded Bridge Communications, a specialist in computer network technologies, which merged with 3Com. Thereafter, he became Chief Executive Officer of 3Com, presiding over a market capitalization increase in excess of $30 billion and a ten-fold increase in revenues during the 1990’s. As 3Com’s Chief Executive Officer, he led the company in acquiring the parent of Palm, Inc., the maker of the groundbreaking Palm Pilot and the creator of the industry’s first smartphone, the Palm Treo. These devices became a mainstay and ushered the era of mobile computing. Mr. Benhamou retired from his Chief Executive Officer position at 3Com at the end of 2000 and from his Chief Executive Officer position at Palm at the end of 2003. He continued to serve as chairman of both 3Com and Palm until their eventual sales to Hewlett Packard in 2010. In 2003, Mr. Benhamou founded Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), a venture capital firm focused on technology companies, specializing in cloud software, artificial intelligence cyber security, and IoT (internet of things) applications. Since 2003, BGV’s investments have resulted in 15 successful company sales and five IPOs, all involving technology companies. Mr. Benhamou served on the board of Cypress Semiconductor as chairman for over a decade. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Silicon Valley Bank and Finjan Holdings, as well as four other privately-held technology startups.