Greenrose GNRSU = 1C + 1W


424B4 2/11/20

15 million units. Imperial Capital

1 wt +11.50 Call 18. Can call cashless

Ipo Trust $10. 

Term 18 months + 3 at $0.033 / month

Focus: Cannabis industry.

Forbes on Mr. Harley 2004

"William (Mickey) Harley III is a vulture, investing in troubled companies that are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection or are trying to avoid it with an out-of-court restructuring...
A onetime soap factory foreman..., Harley learned about distressed securities at Herbert Allen's Allen & Co. Now, running the $1.2 billion Mellon HBV hedge fund,"


​Mr. Harley has visioned, planned and built-out a vertically integrated branded organic blueberry business called Bhavana Berries LLC (“Bhavanna”). His responsibilities included developing the concept, which employed both branding and vertical integration as new strategies, designing and planting the orchard, developing and creating the packing plant, and creating the sales and distribution strategy. Simultaneously with the creation of Bhavana, Mr. Harley served as the Chief Executive Office of National Pecan Company (“NPC”) from 2010 through 2012. At NPC Mr. Harley developed the concept of horizontal consolidation and vertical integration in the pecan industry — identifying the initial acquisition targets and raising $200,000,000 to launch the company. NPC became the largest, vertically integrated pecan company in the world, and was later acquired by Diamond Foods Inc. in 2017. In addition to his work in the agriculture industry Mr. Harley has been involved in the acquisition, remediation and redevelopment of a “brownfield” industrial real estate project that he has managed through full environmental remediation and started the commercial redevelopment of the industrial project. Prior to that Mr. Harley had a career in investment management.

Brendan Sheehan, our Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations and Director, has over 25 years of experience in business development, sales and operations in the finance, technology and healthcare industries. This has allowed him to build an extensive network of family offices and high net-worth individuals who have invested in the cannabis industry.