East Re ERESU  1C + 1/2W


Prospectus 7/24/20

1W +$11.50  - $9.20 pipe protection - Call 18

Expiration 24 months.

Trust $300.0 million  no over-allotment? ($10.00 per unit)

Focus Energy North America old school energy

Wells Fargo

Operations in the United States: We will seek to acquire one or more companies or assets with onshore oil and gas operations within the United States, specifically in the Lower 48 states. We will seek a target business in any of the proven, producing oil and gas basins with sufficient access to infrastructure and end markets.
Producing Reserves: We will seek to acquire one or more companies or assets with significant reserves classified as PDP and a history of production and free cash flow generation from existing operations. 

Mr. Pegula currently serves as our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Pegula is one of the most experienced Chief Executive Officers in the Appalachian Basin, with over 40 years of success forming multiple oil & gas companies. Mr. Pegula has a proven operating and investing track record in the energy sector. In 2010, he sold assets of East Resources, Inc. to Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”) for $4.7 billion. In 2014, he was the majority owner of assets sold by HG Energy, LLC (“HG Energy”) to American Energy Partners, LP (“American Energy Partners”) for $1.75 billion. At the respective times that both divestures occurred, East Resources, Inc. was not burdened with significant debt.  Mr. Pegula has experience operating all segments of the value-chain, including upstream, midstream, processing and local distribution company assets. Mr. Pegula is currently the Owner and Vice President of East Management Services, an affiliate of our sponsor. Mr. Pegula also currently owns entities operating small assets in Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. Mr. Pegula is married to Kim Pegula, who currently serves as a Director. Mr. and Ms. Pegula also own the Buffalo Sabres professional hockey team and the Buffalo Bills professional football team.