Property PSACU = 1C, 1W


Earlybird   7/22/20

$200,000,000 (or $230,000,000 if the over-allotment option is exercised in full) 

21 months

1W +$11.50. -----$9.20 Pipe adjust.--- $18 call, can call cashless.

  focus on target businesses that service the real estate industry.


We chose our net tangible asset threshold of $5,000,001 to ensure that we would avoid being subject to Rule 419 promulgated under the Securities Act.

Our management team is led by co-Chief Executive Officers Jordan Vogel and Aaron Feldman. With a combined 34 years of real estate experience, Messrs. Vogel and Feldman bring a unique track record, entrepreneurial success, long-standing relationships and deep expertise that is suited to take advantage of the growing set of acquisition opportunities in the global real estate services and technology space and to create shareholder value. Messrs Vogel and Feldman have served as the Co-Managing Partners of Benchmark Real Estate Group LLC, a vertically integrated Real Estate Private Equity investment firm, since its founding in 2009. The firm focuses on the acquisition and management of multifamily and commercial office assets, primarily in New York City. Together, Messrs. Vogel and Feldman have been responsible for acquiring, executing and managing real estate assets in the U.S. totaling over $1 billion of net asset value. Additionally, they have executed over $350.0 million of equity commitments to U.S. real estate acquisitions, requiring extensive due diligence, all of which have been operated and managed by the firm. Over the years, they have developed strong relationships with numerous property service providers and have evaluated numerous property technologies in an effort to enhance the quality of their own portfolio, all with a keen understanding of Millennial and Generation Z consumption habits. Over the years, Messrs. Vogel and Feldman have assembled a global group of influential investors, service providers and contemporaries, creating a network of relationships with major global real estate industry participants with the potential to source target businesses for an initial business combination.

Our management teams’ contacts and relationships spread across both the real estate services and the property technology landscape, providing superior access to Property Solutions. With regard to real estate services, our network includes best-in-class owners, operators, developers, tenants, lenders, brokers and advisors. With regard to PropTech, our network includes partners at PropTech venture capital funds, founders of technology enabled service providers, and real estate technology entrepreneurs. We intend to leverage this network to gain access to attractive target businesses for Property Solutions.