SCVXU = 1C + 1/2W


​Prospectus 1/24/20

On January 28, 2020, SCVX Corp. consummated  IPO 23,000,000 units, including  over-allotment option. 

Trust $230,000,000, IPO $10.00 23mm trust shares.

24 months

Target Cybersecurity

Credit Suisse

​SCV is a four-year-old Washington D.C. based venture capital firm co-founded and led by cyber and national security industry veteran Hank Thomas, our Chief Technology Officer and director. Mr. Thomas served as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer and is a former cybersecurity consultant and executive. He leverages 22 years of experience to identify, invest in, and mature differentiated cybersecurity technology teams. Mr. Thomas currently serves on the board of directors for multiple cybersecurity product companies. He is also a member of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) advisory board and the U.S. Cyber Moonshot advisory board at Auburn University. The SCV investment team brings an expert, technical, younger, reimagined, more modern approach to the venture capital community, start-up founders, and the cybersecurity industry at large. SCV is focused exclusively on investing in cybersecurity technology companies at the seed and Series A stage of growth.

Hudson Bay is a multi-billion-dollar asset management firm operating in New York and London. With over 80 employees, Hudson Bay has been managing assets on behalf of outside investors since 2006. Founded and led by hedge fund industry veteran Sander Gerber, Hudson Bay targets traditional and non-traditional sources of alpha by employing multiple absolute return strategies, utilizing rigorous fundamental analysis, and seeking to identify growth opportunities that are uncorrelated to each other and to market indices. They believe this scalable, repeatable investment process has enabled them to generate consistent, risk-adjusted returns through varying market conditions.

Michael Doniger, our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board of directors, most recently served as the Director of Research for Citadel Fundamentals Strategies. Prior to Citadel, Mr. Doniger was a Senior Partner at Green Owl Capital Management where he utilized his quantitative background to take a probabilistic approach to investing in complex situations across sectors and asset classes. His extensive experience also extends to training and managing analyst and trader teams. Prior to Green Owl, Mr. Doniger served as a partner at Corvex Management where he played a pivotal role in the development of the firm. He worked closely with the firm’s founder, Keith Meister to perfect an event driven investing strategy. Prior to Corvex, Mr. Doniger served as portfolio manager at CR Intrinsic Investors, a subsidiary of SAC Capital (“CR Intrinsic”) and senior analyst at Milton Arbitrage Partners. Mr. Doniger began his career working research and development project for Kraft Foods in the U.S. and U.K.