HCCCU 1C + 1/2W


Prospectus 1/11/21

IPO 1/15/21

Target - Healthcare (in case that wasn't obvious)

Trust 10.00 Of the proceeds we receive from this offering and the sale of the private placement warrants described in this prospectus, $200.0 million or $230.0 million if the underwriters’ over-allotment option is exercised in full ($10.00 per

Expire 24 Months


Dr. David Milch, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Dr. David Milch has served as our Chairman of the Board of Directors, began his career in medical research and thereafter began investing in venture opportunities in technology and life sciences. Dr. Milch has invested in a wide variety of opportunities including Heart Guard (start-up), The American Blood Institute (private sale), Intelligent Medical Imaging (IPO), Biofield (IPO), Nitinol (IPO), Datatec Systems (reverse merger), Warp Technologies (reverse merger), MiniMed (acquired by Medtronic), Advanced Bionics (acquired by Boston Scientific), Theravance (IPO), Contrafect (IPO), Alpha Tau (private equity), Cyteir Therapeutics (private equity), Serpin Pharma (private equity), Wisdo (private equity) and Games 24x7 (private equity). Dr. Milch is the Founder and Chairman of AllMeD Solutions Ltd, a public medical device technology company based in Israel. Dr. Milch is a Partner and President of Mila-Media, an independent media production company and founder of GivingTV.org, a company supporting entertainment philanthropy. Dr. Milch’s family foundation has a long history of support for youth mentoring in the NYC metro area and the arts via its Ars Veritas (Arts for Social Impact) initiative. Dr. Milch graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.

William Johns, Chief Executive Officer and Director
William Johns has served as our Chief Executive Officer and Director, is a healthcare information technology entrepreneur and former investment banker. His healthcare expertise encompasses development of advanced software applications to improve the efficiency of healthcare care delivery, provide accurate reimbursement and maintenance of medical records. His investment banking experience includes over 20 years with Salomon Brothers, Citigroup and Fox-Pitt, Kelton. He worked in New York as a financial institution coverage banker for 15 years and 5 years in London becoming Co-Head of European Financial Institutions investment banking for Salomon Smith Barney and U.S. Head of Corporate Finance for Fox-Pitt, Kelton. William is skilled in executing significant, complex corporate transactions, efficiently leading multi-party projects with strategy, operations, accounting, tax, and regulatory dimensions. He has created and led high performing advisory businesses in U.S. and Europe. He founded National Provider Network, LLC which offers advanced healthcare focused software applications and services to medical enterprises. He has also worked with medical providers and others to advance their use of information technology and apply it to large-scale business development opportunities. He received his A.B. with honors from the University of Michigan and MBA from Columbia University.