LF Capital LFACU = 1C, 1W

seek approval of the holders of at least 65% of the Company’s public warrants to effect an amendment to the warrant agreement related to the public warrants such that, as of the closing of the Merger, (i) each issued and outstanding public warrant, which currently entitles each holder thereof to purchase one share of Parent Class A Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share, will become exercisable for one-tenth of one share at an exercise price of $1.15 per one-tenth share ($11.50 per whole share) and (ii) each holder of public warrants issued and outstanding immediately prior to the closing of the Merger will be entitled to receive from the Company a one-time payment of $1.85 per public warrant, contingent upon the consummation of the closing.

9/21/20 Extended to Dec 21, 2020.  In connection with the Extension, 1,215,698 of the Company’s public shares were redeemed. As a result, $129,126,990.62 remains in the trust account.

August Trust ~10.54

​Warrant - 1 + $11.50 > 1C. Call 18.

​IPO Trust = $10.20.  ~ $158mm (S1).

Expires 24 months.

Focus - commercial banking and financial technology industries.

B Riley and Raymand James.

We intend to identify and acquire a business that could benefit from a hands-on owner with extensive operational experience in the financial services sector and that presents potential for an attractive risk-adjusted return profile under our stewardship. 


Baudouin Prot, who during his tenure as Chairman and CEO of BNP Paribas SA, implemented a successful expansion strategy to enter the U.S. market. Additionally, our CEO (Philippe De Backer), as the former global head of the Financial Services practice at Bain & Company, has been a business and thought leader in the development of digital banking strategies throughout the world (including the development of the initial ING Direct strategy). Finally, our President (Scott Reed), as the founder of BankCap Partners (a bank-oriented private equity firm), 

​Our initial stockholders have agreed not to transfer, assign or sell any of their founder shares until the earlier to occur of: (A) one year after the completion of our initial business combination or (B) subsequent to our initial business combination, (x) if the last sale price of our Class A common stock equals or exceeds $12.00 per share (as adjusted for stock splits, stock dividends, reorganizations, recapitalizations and the like) for any 20 trading days within any 30-trading day period commencing at least 150 days after our initial business combination,